A Great Softball Coach….


1. Realizes first and foremost that he or she is dealing with YOUTH who happen to be HUMAN BEINGS.  They know that underneath every jersey, lies a soul…


2. Is fair. Brave. Honest. All at once. And teaches the game and plays with integrity.


3.  Often believes more in the girls he or she coaches, than the girls believe in themselves. He or she coaches confidence, and helps their awesomeness unfold.


4.  Challenges the girls as individuals and as a team. While it may be painful for parents to watch these challenges unfold on the sidelines, in the end – it is a beautiful thing. Great coaches do not settle for mediocrity. Instead, they empower success.


5. Knows he or she is not just coaching softball but is also coaching life. The lessons learned on the field translate to the rest of the girls’ lives.


6. Is a LEADER! Every successful team has a strong, powerful, and trustworthy leader who is respected by his or her players. Great coaches LEAD by example, lead with respect, and remain a leader whether winning or losing.


7.  Realizes that winning is nothing more than a temporary state and that the real measure of coaching success is in the constant evolution and growth of their players.

8. Let’s softball be fun. Mixes laughter with correction. Smiles a lot. Provides positive feedback every step of the way. Lets the girls be silly when necessary. Celebrates with them. Girls with great coaches WANT to come to practice, cannot wait for the next game.


9.  Is a mentor.


10. Have clear definitions of team goals, team culture, expectations and team beliefs. And uphold their expectations regardless of circumstances.


11.  Are more concerned with how the GIRLS feel, and think and act than they are with how the adults feel, and think and act! Great coaches do not engage in politics.


12. Has game knowledge. And isn’t afraid to ask about things they do not know. Realizes that he or she is also constantly a student of the game.


13. Feels blessed.


Borrowed from softballisforgirls.com

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