Manager/Coach Clearences

SVSSC is required by Pennsylvania law to clear all volunteers through three separate background check processes. SVSSC CAN NOT PERMIT ANY VOLUNTEER TO PARTICIPATE UNLESS THE VOLUNTEER HAS COMPLETED THE BACKGROUND CHECK PROCESS. 

Volunteer Child Abuse and Background Clearances

Pennsylvania law requires volunteers (14 years and older) to complete three (3) separate clearances as part of the volunteering process if they have care, supervision, or control over children or routinely interact with children as an integral part of their day-to-day job responsibilities. The specific clearances required are:

  1. Pennsylvania child abuse clearance
  2. Pennsylvania criminal background check conducted by the State Police
  3. Federal background check conducted by the FBI OR Disclosure Statement Application for Volunteers
  4. It may take 10-14 days for the Child Abuse and PA Criminal Background checks.
  5. Completed forms must be returned to Rebekah Kinney
  6. You are exempt from the FBI clearance if you have been a resident of PA during the entirety of the previous ten-year period. If this is the case, please read and sign the attached disclosure statement INSTEAD of submitting an FBI clearance.
  7. If you have already obtain any of these clearances, that are no older than 60 months, the SVSSC will need PDF copies of the forms submitted to Rebekah Kinney

Pennsylvania Child Abuse Clearance

Visit The Child Welfare Portal to obtain an electronic report

  • Create an individual account – you will need an email address
  • Click on next
  • Keystone ID: create a username
  • Complete the fields and click on finish
  • Follow the prompts for creating a password (You will receive 2 emails -1 with your username & 1 with your password.
  • Return to the site and Log in
  • Click through the continue and next prompts
  • Click on “Create a Clearance Application”
  • Read through and click “Begin” at the bottom of the page
  • Click Next
  • Enter in your name, birthday, gender, “yes” for Social Security Number, email address
  • Complete the remaining sheets by clicking on the “+” to add and then complete the fields
  • Click on next at the bottom of each page.
  • You will be asked if your organization provided a payment code for your application.
    Select NO: It will tell you that it will be free if you have not received clearance in 57 months.
  • Submit the Application
  • It will take 7-14 days to receive
  • Please submit a copy of your results to Rebekah Kinney

Pennsylvania Criminal Background Check

  • Visit
  • Select New Record Check (Volunteers Only)
  • You will need to add the organization name (SVSSC)
  • You will need to make sure you keep your "Control Number" if you had an initial status of "Record Under Review."
  • Check Status is case sensitive, and you must complete exactly as you did in the initial request.
  • Please submit a copy of your results to Rebekah Kinney

FBI Background Check

If you have been a continuous resident of Pennsylvania for the past 10 years, please download and complete the Disclosure Statement Application for Volunteers. Once you have completed the form, return it to Rebekah Kinney

If you have been a Pennsylvania resident for less than 10 years, please do the following:

  • Apply to get fingerprinted for the Federal (FBI) Criminal Reports
  • Please use the PA service code "1KG6ZJ" to start the process
  • Fees are required for this step. (Currently $22.60 for volunteers)




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